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How We Work:

Building with an Agile Mindset

Our team works to understand the business problem you are looking to solve. To do that we need to collect relevant background through interviews with you, your users, and sometimes your customers. We will get to know your company, the organizational structure, your key stakeholders, and anything else relevant that would be helpful in defining a valuable outcome for the work. Then we will work together through some brainstorming exercises to map the path to get to that outcome. Once we have that valuable story told and agreed on, the work will be sliced into the smallest bites possible to offer a taste of value throughout the project. One thing to know, we do not develop solutions without YOU involved. You will become a part of our team as we work together through the creation process. Expect to get to know us well and spend some quality time with technology pros. We can’t isolate in a techno-bubble and build anything valuable without you.

We go through four stages in every project:

Strategic Design

In this early design phase, we will define what our target and optimal outcomes look like. We will rapidly explore diverse ideas together. We will build prototypes. And we will decide which concepts we want to expand upon. Then, we will test the viability of those concepts with users. When we feel we have a solid direction, we will architect the solution to fit seamlessly into your environment. Then we will make sure we are all in agreement with how we are going to work together.


In this phase we will work with you to breakdown and assign value to each slice of the work. The whole backlog of work, the entire story that needs to be told, will be prioritized by you and our team to make sure we are working on the most important pieces first. During this phase we will also be working on technical pieces needed to support the solution and the value delivery team.


This is where the team really gets busy building the solution. Together with you, we will work in short, time-boxed iterations to deliver incremental value, each building on top of the other until they meet the target outcome. Each iteration of the solution will get us closer to our valuable story as we release demonstrable work along the way. Analysis will continue during this phase as we try to stay ahead of the team that busy with building.

Continuous Improvement

The only way we can go fast is to go well. And to continuously get better at our craft requires dedication to examine how we are doing at each point and intentionally try to change. Just like becoming an elite athlete, it doesn’t happen overnight. It happens through daily exercise and discipline. At the end of each iteration, after we have demonstrated and delivered value, we will reprioritize the work still left that will get us closer to target, agree on which slice to tackle next, make any pivots necessary based on what we have learned, then head back into delivery mode.

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

– Mark Twain –