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What We Do:

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We exist to deliver strategic business value. Keeping up with technology is a full-time job. Let us help with the legwork so you can focus on developing your business. Our goal is to create value through the discovery and development of the most important things that will differentiate you from your competitors. You know your business. We will explore possibilities together, then you decide what is valuable to you. Anyone can solve a problem. We listen so that we can solve the right problem in the right way.


Business Technology Consulting

Delivering on strategic business value.

Consider us your executive, digital consulting guns for hire. Our focus through engagements is to keep you relevant in your market as it is faced with innovating for current and future needs. While your values for your business may stay consistent, HOW you do your work changes over time. How we did business in 1960 will not get us to where we want to go in 2060. Speed to roll out new, transforming technologies accelerates every year. Embracing that change while going through it in the most efficient way possible, while bringing your staff along on that journey, is where we can help.

Ad hoc approaches to implementing digital initiatives lead to inflated costs and a bloated landscape of competing solutions. Building an efficient digital strategy for a company is not an ordinary job. It requires technology, industry, market and business expertise and thorough analytics capabilities. We know industry best practices, perform market research for your industry to create benchmarks, and stay up to date on new innovations and trends to forecast what will be disrupting your business in the short and long term.

While we come with all the right credentials and education necessary for our roles, our expertise has been forged through real life trial and error, not just academic theories. Each of our consultants come with over 30 years of industry experience, including C-level and director roles. We’ll plan your technology roadmaps, optimize your spend on the right products, and grow your capabilities as a tech forward, innovative company. We are also here to mentor your organization’s junior technology leaders to build in-house, strategic capabilities of your own.

Software Engineering

Quick to Market

Our agile teams build mobile apps that can collect the information you need from any location, develop workflow automation that can eliminate redundancy and delays, and create integration to tie all the pieces together. But it all starts with the best design possible. Design should engage your staff, simplify usage, and convert customers to your products. This creates a paradox in how we approach creation. Truth is, we don’t know how to build solutions until we do it. And it’s very hard for our customers to describe solutions until they see them. That’s why we break work down into small pieces, get feedback, and keep iterating until we present the optimal solution to the problem you face.

The best design comes through close collaboration between you and our development team over short sprints of work. Working together, we can combine your industry knowledge with our knowledge of design, best practices, trends, technology, and user experience design strategy to build a better digital service. Our versatile artisans do not jump to solutions for technology’s sake. They use their business acumen to understand your unique situation and design solutions that solve your problem quickly with valuable deliverables along the way.

Data Driven Decisions

Better Business Insights

We are flooded daily with information from a myriad of sources. Sorting through the noise can become a full-time job to make sense of it. Data only brings new capabilities for your business if it offers insights that help you to make better decisions. Companies of all size struggle with data and how to extract more than a small fraction of the value that it offers. It often requires analysis, a data strategy, and infrastructure in place to take advantage of the possibilities it can offer.

Information should suggest improvements, lead to better relationships with your customers, and direct you toward more profitable work. Dashboards that offer a single pane of glass for business insights is one way to see at a glance the health of your company and how it is progressing toward meeting your business strategy. We work with you to align the questions you are asking for running your business to the answers provided through intelligent data.

Service Desk Operations

Extraordinary End-User Experiences

The process for exceptional innovations requires trust built between your users and those that support your technology. That starts with the person that answers the call when a user reaches out for help. Often the most visible part of technology for your staff is the experience they have in support of the devices they use every day for their jobs. Those experiences can define their acceptance or resistance to innovative changes. One bad experience with an innovation change is seen as a risk to your company that staff are not willing to take. We aim to influence perceptions for technology from a pain point to an exciting partner that allows staff to work efficiently.

We provide planning and administration of mobile and desktop devices that includes asset lifecycle management so that staff are never struggling with the outdated and unsupported, single sign-on integration for applications and networks, and standardized device builds that can be managed from anywhere and deployed in a flash. When you do have to call for help, remote control support is available for Windows, iOS, or Android devices so that you can get back to business as quick as possible. Service Desk support is available in multiple tiers from Monday through Friday workdays through 24x7x365 models with all native English-speaking agents, possibly with a slight southern accent.

Cyber Security

Creating Security by Design

Let’s get real, we are ALL targets for hacking attempts through various attacks. It really isn’t IF you are being targeted now days, but WHEN you will be and if you will even be AWARE when it happens. The largest corporations, governments, and militaries have all fallen victim to these nefarious actors. Small businesses, which make up over 90% of organizations in the US, can’t afford the investment in cyber defenses larger organizations can dedicate. Less defenses and a larger population equate to prime targets for attackers.

We develop with the intent that our products will be easy to maintain, flexible for change, and built upon a rock-solid security layer. But more than that, we evaluate the tools that will work to create the best possible security posture for your organization without blowing your whole operational budget. We offer comprehensive security awareness training through partnership with Curicula, systems penetration testing, and a full offensive and defensive security playbook that covers system, data, endpoints, and people. We will also mentor your staff through gamified simulations to know what to look for and be ready to respond to infiltration.

Nothing will provide 100% assurances from attacks. But through our layered approach to cyber security, we aim to minimize the impact and return business to normal as quickly as possible. The right attack can tank a small business, taking away the livelihood of the business owner and everyone that business supports. This is a risk to people, financials, and reputation that most small businesses cannot survive if they go in unprepared. Let us help reduce that impact by being ready with your answer.

Infrastructure Health

Flexible, Access-Anywhere Systems

Businesses need easy to maintain, flexible, access-anywhere systems, with monitoring that ensures your business keeps running. Your technology infrastructure should grow and shrink along with your business demands. Your company should only pay for infrastructure when you’re using it. And it should take minimal time from your staff to deploy, secure and maintain. We can architect an environment that is custom designed for you to be stable, secure, automated, and keeps your business running. Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, or virtual solutions on-premises, we design with you in mind

We take a holistic approach to building solutions. It doesn’t start and end with the code compiled for a piece of software. We choose the right combination of technologies, processes, and practices needed to stay agile from the ground up. Whether you need smart devices deployed to the field to monitor the environment and report information, robotic automation to free your people from mundane tasks, or providing resources that keep staff functioning from any location through unexpected events, we design systems that bring people and devices together through your whole ecosystem.

Building a Digital Strategy is not just a “Big Business” thing. Developing a vision for where you’re going and creating the road to get there is an “Every Business” thing.