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Why we’re here:

Our Mission

We exist to create value for our customers. The digital age will not slow down to wait for us.  Business transformation is necessary regardless of size. We are a partner that meets our customers where they are now and clears the path as their trusted guide through the ever changing technology landscape.

Our Vision

We aim to:

  • enable small businesses to embrace technology and leverage their people in new and powerful ways.
  • make a lasting, positive impact on our communities.
  • harness the power of change to push us all beyond what we thought were our limitations.

Our Values

What we believe and hold sacred is reflected in how we live and treat each other every single day. These are the things we honor most within our culture:


We are empathetic to the needs of each other. We choose to do things that uplift other team members. We honor people that share their lives with us and we fiercely defend the dignity of their story. We are made greater through a diverse team than we can ever be alone.

learnContinuous Learning

We embrace the power of experimentation. We seek to fail fast and move with intention to learn from our mistakes. Our aim is to continuously improve in everything we do by not being afraid to try. We will provide a safe space in our quest to innovate and deliver value.


We bring our most authentic selves to our work. This includes a sense of humor that doesn’t take ourselves too seriously. We are humble and open to creative approaches that might not be our own ideas. We believe it is okay to play games within the frame of opening our minds to new perspectives on old problems.


We chose the people we work with because we respect who they are as individuals, as teammates, and as contributing members of our community. We will empower each other to contribute to their full potentials. We will behave as people of integrity and treat the invaluable resource of information with the highest respect.

We build excellent products.

Our projects are great because our customers are great. Nothing of value is created without the dedication and commitment of the people we are trying to help. We build for business use, not because the tech is cool. (That’s just a bonus for us!) Our customers partner with us, teach us, and explore and experiment with us. So I guess in a way…

You make us awesome!